Sreeni Edappurath

I just came back from a one week learning experience with Sreeni Edappurath. Sreeni is a Yoga teacher, martial artist, circus performer and choreographer based in Paris.

It was an intense week of learning, practicing and we had great conversations about the yoga and movement world. As we didn’t have much time, his way of teaching was very principle based. The topics revolved around creating stability and ease, space awareness, breathing, tension and relaxation.

I have been interested in Yoga in the past but it never resonated much with me. It seemed so far removed from usable movement and not relevant to daily life. I didn’t feel that it would teach me to move better. In many cases, the teaching was also dogmatic and seemed religious to me. The ‘chakra’ talk didn’t convince me much either.

Sreeni showed me a different approach. One that goes back to the origins and uses small children and animals as examples and inspiration. Basing his yoga on nature, he contextualises yoga postures and thus makes them relevant again. With grounding and centering at its core, he proceeds to move gracefully through space focusing on the transitions between postures while respecting the limits of one’s body. By connecting the centre to the extremities (hands and feet) body integration and harmonisation is achieved.

Breathing is also a central aspect of his practice. Through different exercises and techniques, the breath is used to release tension, concentrate and calm the mind. The result is a subtle, gentle, internal, meditative practice.

I am very grateful for having met such a great teacher and practitioner and above all a role model as a human being.

Thank you Sreeni!