Bruno Giustozzi *1990 in Berlin

at present working as a Trainer in Costa Rica

What led me to my current concept and what does my practice and work mean to me personally?

My path led me through different teamsports while growing up into being more interested in alternatives to conventional Sports and Fitness. More holistic concepts such as that of ‘natural movement’ appealed to me and through that I met my teacher Joseph Bartz in 2013, from whom I have been learning closely since. In 2015 my training horizon was widened further through the influence of the Wim Hof Method. The method consists of specific breathing techniques, cold exposure and mindset exercises.

My practice is a vital part of my life as it enables me to express myself through the body. Leading to feeling active and alive, decreasing pressure and experience flow, lightness and ease. And thus being comfortable in my body and sharing parts of me with others. My aim is to create through my work a space where others can experience similar benefits. Where learning and expression through the body is encouraged without attachment to specific disciplines and dogmas.

Teaching and training others evolved with time passing by as a natural process and also helps me gain a deeper understanding into the material.

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I was born in Berlin in an Italian/German family.

Interested in physical activities from an early age, I tried out the prevailing sports that people around me were practicing. I was in a football club, swimming team, played table tennis and did track and field. However, I rarely enjoyed the dominant club atmosphere and therefore never stayed long. I didn’t feel comfortable with the prevailing attitudes of coaches and teammates that were only interested in competitions and winning at all costs.

Things changed when I encountered the sport Ultimate Frisbee, where I found a healthier and more supporting community. Here, flat hierarchies predominated mostly and the fair play principles, upon which the sport is based, contributed to the fact that I started enjoying competitions. Due to a knee injury, however, I stopped playing in 2012.

During the time of my rehabilitation process my interest in a wider, more holistic movement practice grew. I started researching different disciplines and travelled to India to learn and study yoga. However, although I liked some parts, generally I was not impressed by the teaching methods and dogmatic elements I encountered. So, I continued my search.

Fascinated by the Movnat principles of ‘natural movement’ I found my teacher Joseph Bartz in early 2013, who was leading Movnat workshops in Europe at that time. Joseph’s generalist approach to movement training influenced me deeply in the following years and does so to this day. When I met him, his movement classes in Berlin were based mostly on Parkour and Movnat elements. Later, when Joseph got more involved with Ido Portal, I learned from him the elements of the Ido Portal Method, among many other things the very structured approach to strength and mobility training, the comprehensive method for learning handstands and the movement language locomotion. From my first contact with Joseph I was fascinated by his remarkable understanding and capability of teaching movement. His ability of breaking down complex patterns impressed me especially.

During that period, learning from Joseph and practicing started taking up an ever-increasing role in my life. With time going by, I started assisting in his classes and replacing him whenever he was not there. Teaching others myself evolved therefore as a natural process.

In the meantime, I also studied Environmental Science and Technology at the Berlin Institute of Technology, from which I graduated in 2017. During my academic education and internships in prospective work fields I realized, however, that although I have a strong interest in environmental issues, my passion lies in movement and working with the body. I also simply could not imagine myself working as an engineer in an office, sitting in a chair all day.

In late 2015 another major influence entered my practice: the Wim Hof Method. In the beginning of 2016 I travelled to Poland to partake in his winter expedition and learn the method from Wim in person. The Wim Hof Method consists of specific breathing techniques, cold exposure and mindset exercises. One of the mechanisms of this method lies in stressing the body through oxygen manipulation and exposure to environmental extremes in a controlled way in order to achieve a hormetic effect. By influencing the central nervous system, training the immune and vascular systems, it is possible to achieve in a short period of time both positive and measurable physiological as well as very strong subjective changes in body perception. This also results in an advantageous change in brain chemistry and a general feeling of resetting the body.

Both the Wim Hof Method and the movement practice are means to connecting to one’s own body and experience it in a more harmonious way. By discovering the possibilities and limits of the body, a feeling of aliveness and being present is achieved and general body awareness is increased. Movement is, furthermore, a way of expressing essential parts of one’s self, parts that precede speech, connecting to one’s own primal, pure self. Aspects that in modern society are often neglected.

Other main Influences in my practice include:

Fighting Monkey / Rootless_Root (movement research)

Shai Faran (contemporary dancer)

Yuval Ayalon (handbalancer)