movementdiversity & bodyawareness

Selection of Material with Keywords


  • comprehensive method to gain more range and control
  • removing restrictions in order to move more freely
  • focus on hip, spine and shoulders using resistance and specific tasks to achieve lasting changes
  • deep squat, side splits, front fold, bridge, spine articulation, pancake


  • progressive bodyweight exercises on gymnastic rings, parallets and bars
  • basic hanging positions
  • specific joint stregthening especially in their end range; addressing knees, ankles, hip, shoulders, elbows, wrists
  • pushing and pulling strength
  • utilizing controlled and chaotic scenarios


  • clear and structured method to learn balancing positions
  • focus on learning the Handstand with proven method in a safe environment
  • other balancing positions qdr, balancing on rails & beams in different heights and stances


  • exploring space through movement close to the ground 
  • focus on different ground level positions (laying, sitting, kneeling, squatting) and transitions between them
  • structured movement patterns from A to B (Locomotion)
  • emphasis on placing feet and hands from Quadrupedal positions
  • building strength in various angles and challenging coordination
  • from structured patterns to improvisation

Partner Exercises

  • using external objects (sticks, balls) or bodyparts
  • creating challenging movement scenarios

Relaxation exercises

  • releasing body tension
  • breathwork
  • shaking
  • mindfulness
  • stillness

Controlled exposure to environmental extremes

  • cold exposure
  • central nervous system activation
  • resetting the body